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Power Partner Jeff Lopez

The 3 Step Power Partner System that broke $100K+/month, all while sitting back, not having to prospect new clients or sell anything yourself 

In this LIVE Masterclass, we’ll be going through how Jeff Lopez went from completely broke, found someone else to sell for him, and hit $100k a month without any ad spend or cold emailing using his Power Partner Process (PPP)

If you’re an agency owner who is.

Sick and tired of prospecting and doing all the sales yourself

Wish you could scale to 10’s of clients EASILY in a matter of WEEKS or even DAYS

Want to know how other agencies are getting MULTIPLE $2,000 – $3,000/month deals referred to them that are already closed before you even talk to them

How much stress would be gone if you had someone in your back pocket to confidently and EFFECTIVELY “yell back” at your clients, get them to renew, and never have to have the conversation of “these are bad leads” again…

This is a 1-hour live event, where Jeff Lopez and I will teach you the EXACT Process he used to grow his agency from scratch to OVER 100k/PER MONTH and the simple process for you to do it too, including…

  • The 3 CSA Process to finding and qualifying the right power partner
  • How to setup this strategy from scratch in a new market with no credibility
  • The stupid simple script on how to approach them and pitch your idea so they say YES to working FOR YOU
  • The 3 mistakes to AVOID so you get more money and keep the power in your hands
  • How to structure what you pay them and the breakdown to divide roles/responsibilities/terms so they don’t leave (and don’t steal your SH*T)
  • The Sales Focused History Script That DOUBLES Your Power Partner Sales
  • What to know about starting with 1 Power Parter vs Many and When To Get More
  • The SUPER STRATEGY to get a “GODZILLA” Power Partner by partnering with the manufacturing source (HINT: this is your first step to the plug and play and scale system for 100’s of clients)
  • We won’t just show you how to get them...We’ll show you how to work and grow with them to make your job easier…
  • Your own Mini-Site and HighLevel automation that lets your Power Partner send invoices, onboard, and automatically WOW them right out of the gate.
  • The automations that create contracts on the fly, get your clients to pay, and onboards your client so you don’t ever lift a finger
  • A behind the scenes view of PlusPlus University that proactively trains your client’s staff, solves problems, and answers questions before they come up to you


  • All the tech, funnel, and payment walkthroughs and setup
  • All the slides, PDFs, share funnels, and replays
  • A 45 minute After hours QnA Call

This is Jeff Lopez’s expert secret that turned his agency from a ONE CLIENT SHOW into a $10K DAY, $30K WEEK, and $120K+ MONTHS, all while he’s stuck in traffic, has people working for him and his fulfillment 90% automated.

This event is for KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want…

  • A Simple Process to SCALE your agency
  • Learn how to take yourself out of prospecting and sales while you still grow exponentially
  • Mind-Blowing Automations that help you do fulfillment, retain clients, and take away time needed from you.
  • The Behind the Scenes look at how a $100K+/month agency looks like and operates

By attending, you’ll be prepared to know how to find a power partner, get them referring you business, and scaling your agency with less stress and MORE MONEY.