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Pay Per Live Transfer Masterclass

The 'Add A Live Transfer Program To Your Agency And Double Your Fees' Masterclass

Are you an agency owner that is….
Sick and tired of fighting clients that view your retainers as a monthly expense meant to be cut?
Always wanted to know how other agencies are setting up HUGE upfront fees and paid more and more as their campaign performs?
Wish you knew how other agencies practically FORCE clients to pick up the phone and successfully charge their clients MORE month after month after month with a LIVE TRANSFER program?
This is a 1-hour live event where Anthony Mann (doing over $200k a month) and I will teach you the EXACT process he uses to find high ticket clients that WANT live transfers, how to set the whole thing up, and automate 90% of it so your bank account goes ka-ching on the daily...
Here’s what's included
  • An overview of how the LIVE TRANSFER model works, who its for, and who its not for and the EASY way to transition off retainer into P.P.L.T. (or even start it from scratch)
  • The 3 main ways you can charge for it, and the stupid simple steps that’ll determine IF its a good fit for you, your agency, and your future clients
  • Niches this could work with, which to AVOID, and how to know if it’ll work BEFORE you start work
  • The sales process on how to turn an interested client into a paying client without being hype-y, sales-y, or accidentally over-promising
  • How to decide on pricing and how you come up with (and get the client to agree) what's a qualified appt/transfer.
  • How to coach/train/advise or communicate with clients in advance to set them up for success.
  • Client commitment terms, volume of leads.
  • How to set the whole darn thing up (AKA Fulfillment and mechanisms and ‘cheap as hell software you should already be using’)
  • How to properly setup the 90/10 rule (90% automations and 10% human effort)
  • The EXACT steps to to convert the lead into an appointment and into a live transfer
  • How to do lead and call tracking and how to send the live transfer information to the client before they jump on a call
  • What to do when the agent doesn't answer your transfer (and what to NOT DO)
  • How to properly structure, pay, and incentivize a US based team and foreign based team
  • How to incorporate/ leverage virtual assistants in the process
  • How to trust, collect, and get paid from a client after a week's worth of live transfers.
  • Understanding your company #s and how to price your leads and live xfers and not go bankrupt when your generating appots and avoiding financial grey hairs
  • How to make sure your client will be available for the call
  • The stupid simply way to create the 6 ads that already work (no funnels baby)
  • Scripts and phone conversations
  • How Anthony prices real estate seller vs buyer leads.
  • Building and setting up automations for payments and how to properly setup your stripe account so your clients don't get a million charges a month
  • How to set up up for a different niche like mortgage agents
  • How to handle the inevitable “quality” conversation
  • All the walkthroughs and setup
  • All the slides, PDFs and replays
  • A 45 minute After hours QnA Call
This is Anthony Mann’s expert secret that turned his retainer agency from struggle bus to live transfer high performance machine. All without the clients complaints and absolutely proof and certainty the campaign works.
This event is for KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want…
  • To start or grow their agency
  • Know the tech, setup, and steps to make it work
  • Make that bank account choo choo like an out of work thomas the tank engine
By attending, you’ll be prepared to know how to set up your agency for a live transfer offer, how to get those clients results, and get them to stick around for the long term.