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1.53 Million Dollar Agency Call Booking Sales Page & VSL Masterclass


-> If you are an agency or an aspiring copywriter, pay attention. <-

This is a behind the scenes look at a sales page generated over $1.53M for an agency.

This agency ran ads, had their future clients read through it first, and then took the sales call.

Magically their sales calls went from

...why should I buy this...


...ok I'm in...

If you want to build a sales page & copywriting skillset, get higher quality sales calls, OR just flat out save the $5,000 you would have spend hiring a copywriter...

This class is for you.


  • The structure, length, and approach for an agency call booking sales page
  • The EXACT framework he uses to write million-dollar sales pages
  • How to properly pre-qualify and pre-frame so no one says “What was this about again
  • The 15 Minute Fix To 'What If I Don't Have Any Social Proof?'
  • The stupid simple changes that’ll adapt your overly flexible service into a solid product people want
  • The 3 step research process to creating a compelling offer that gets attention and turns it into desire
  • How to FRONT STACK BENEFITS your headline into a compelling offer
  • How to adapt your sales page and turn it into a VSL with nearly zero more thinking
  • The “10+1 Method” for getting people to stick around, watch/scroll, and buy
  • How to nail the visual appeal, font size, colors and so your client likes it, it's on-brand, but it still converts
  • How to do it without hiring an expensive copywriter
  • A step by step breakdown of the ‘agency call booking sales letter’ that generated over $1.35M two years in a row
  • How to replicate these results for yourself and your clients
  • The ‘missing link’ to assembling an irresistible offer
  • Why ‘proper grammar’ in your copy is actually COSTING you money (and clients)
  • How he cut 50% of his email length and made 2x the dollars
  • How to tell stories in your emails that make cold leads trust you faster
  • The SECRET to creating an offer for your agency that separates you from the competition
  • Turn your words into cold-hard cash EVEN IF you struggle with writing ads, suck at copy, or English is your second language (Danny’s first language is Spanish).
  • His 3-step process for NEVER running out of ad angles & ideas
  • How he comes up with 51+ headlines in 12 minutes
  • How to inject ‘humor’ into your copy (the right way) to REALLY get your audience’s attention
  • How to become better at copywriting in the next 24 hours (no BS) so that you can get better results for your clients and make more money
  • How to ETHICALLY steal winning copy
  • Why copywriting is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT tool every marketer should (and absolutely) can master in 2021


  •  All the walkthroughs and setup
  • All the slides, PDFs, and replays
  • A 45 minute After hours QnA Call
  • His 4-point process for writing Facebook ads that convert like crazy
  • How to write a sales letter or VSL in ONE DAY and have it convert