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Google My Business Masterclass

Are You An Agency Owner That Is…. Sick And Tired Of Low Quality Facebook Leads That Need 7-10 Follow Ups?
 This is a 1-hour live event, where Corinne Fisher and I will teach you the EXACT steps she uses to rank her clients higher on Google My Business, why it produces BETTER leads, and DOUBLES client retention.

The stupid simple checklist to see IF your client could BENEFIT from GMB
  • The 5 Steps to Selling it and knowing if they want it before you talk about it
  • How much to charge, how to handle that conversation, and sell with confidence
  • An insider's POV on the most commonly sold GMB packages, what's in it, and how much to charge
  • How to lock your client in for 6 months for $500 to $2000 a month
  • How to talk long term upfront so they aren’t calling and cancelling 2 weeks in
  • How to approach NEW clients, OLD clients, and CANCELLED clients
  • The Top 15 Things to know BEFORE you start climbing the GMB rankings
  • A step by step tutorial on creating it from SCRATCH (brand new business)
  • A step by step tutorial on ‘making it climb’ (existing listing)
  • What to change on their website, what to avoid changing, how to monitor it, and how to SEXY IT UP so Google wants to Crawl all over that dang site
  • The super secret MONEY PAGE PROCESS and how to not f- it up
  • The 3-5 Tools you NEED to use to keep it working
  • What tech to mention, what tech to avoid, and how to keep your client happy
  • How to UNDOUBTEDLY prove your getting them quality phone calls
  • How to answer the TOP 20 Commonly Asked GMB Sales Call Questions
  • What to white-label, what to outsource, and how to give 75% of it to a VA


  • LIVE BONUS: the GHL review automation funnel
  • LIVE BONUS: The ‘Canceled Client Script’ That You Can use to SELL THIS FAST
  • BONUS: How to leverage ‘Google Guaranteed’ (Big G’s Brand New Service), upsell it, and have near zero monthly work on your part
  • All the walkthroughs and setup
  • All the slides, PDFs and replays
  • A 45 minute After hours QnA Call

This is Corinne Fisher’s expert secret that smoothes out revenue, stops the fb ads addiction, and gets her clients HIGHER QUALITY LEADS that turns into SALES for the long term.

This event is for KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want…

  • To DIVERSIFY outside of facebook ads
  • Get HIGHER QUALITY leads for their client
  • Keep 'em for the long term.

By attending, you’ll be prepared to know how build your clients ‘Google My Business’, do it correctly, and get results (even if you dont know a dang thing about GMB)