Uncategorized Oct 12, 2021
Agency Scaling Secrets

“So it's pretty rare that I'm happy buying from an agency”.

That's an actual sentence said to me by a client. And it's not the first time, it's not rare, it's not unique. It's the standard. Here’s some thoughts as to why and if you read this repeatedly I believe you’ll have happier clients.


I think by and large, a stereotypical sentence, most agencies charge way too much. Their costs 

are way too high. They care too much about their business. And too little about their customers. 


It's almost like they'd much rather sit in a bastion of people saying, “Wow, you're so amazing, your so rich, your so pretty, your so wonderful”, rather than sit with their customers and clients say, “Wow, how do we fix this challenging problem”


That's just how their brain works. They would much rather have their ‘friends’ (I should be saying admirers or sycophants) around them than their clients (the people...

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